If there is one book I would recommend as a working and accessible example of the ‘postmodern’ in literature, it would be Aislinn Hunter’s A Peepshow with Views of the Interior: Paratexts…. It is a book where content and form come together, where the separations between ‘highbrow’ and ‘lowbrow’ are erased, and where the author is not afraid to go from the intensely personal to the mathematically objective. In many ways, this is a book about attempts at a special type of communication, the various ways in which words try to capture the objects of the external world, and how these attempts will always be in some way or other on the outside, never getting to the actual ‘body,’ the object-as-it-is…. Just about every page of this book provides a new insight into the world of language, imagination, the I and the other. At the same time, Hunter manages to avoid preaching, or philosophizing for the mere sake of it. I would recommend Peepshow for anyone who has ever thought about these intractable questions and who would like to descend further into the beautiful mystery that is consciousness.

— Michael Mirolla, Event 39.1